the weather is turning this morning we picked the almost last bit of plums – scout is a good early morning companion she loves fruit as a treat and the bright little orbs appear to her to be a bucket of balls – she is very attentive her inspection flawless

message in a bottle


spring arrives and we run in full sprint preparing and tending summer has us watching, patient-waiting fall arrives with a prize fruit grown in the bottle almost complete almost   large jars of ripe pears bathing in brandy infuse for months monitored sip after sip after sip when the time comes the brandy pours briefly […]

brandied apricots


last you heard from me was spring and now we are in summer full stop hmmm… been busy on the farm baby chicks ducks geese goats enough to keep us very busy i have been cooking and crafting and lots of other things but not much blogging my late nights are taken up by deep […]

sweet eggs


come spring we bring it outside entertaining is a bit more relaxed food becomes a bit less fussy perhaps a tad more whimsical certainly more seasonally driven we keep chickens, ducks and geese which means we have a generous supply of eggs when putting together a weekend brunch i love to serve sweet eggs very […]

pistachio-strawberry swirl ice cream


a warm winter makes way for an early harvest of strawberries meandering down a country road this weekend passed i happened across a roadside stand loaded with berries and heaps of pistachios locally grown to keep up with our highly productive flock i find myself dreaming up custards frozen custards frozen custards made from backyard […]

enjoying the local flavor


this afternoon our lunch was the flavors of the season and terroir of where we live yesterday was warm and bright and a perfect day for our local farmer’s market we picked up some zucchini flowers which seem to be on my menus from spring to autumn every year we love them it seems i […]

and goes another year….

three birthdays ago i wrote from a small desk  in a cozy room on a sheep farm i awoke with the sun to find newly birthed lambs ready for a warm bottle i was charged to provide that day was life changing literally today (my birthday 3 years hence) i write from a small desk […]

jammy almond crumb bars


we live in the country not the county of estates and tag sales but the country of pastures and dairy sheep so when someone stops by we wave them in take their coat and  sit them down with a hot cup of coffee and a sweet these bars are a twist on the common crumble […]

gingerbread bundt cake with espresso glaze


resolutions are not for me i am all out of resolve by the time the new year rings its bell reflect? recharge? yes resolve? no way give me until spring meanwhile i will sit by the fire mug in hand fork in mouth i made this cake as part of a full buffet for a […]

tomato pomegranate salad


i put this salad together for a fall brunch using what i had on hand starting with the beautiful yellow tomato adding ingredients for contrast in flavor, color and texture creates a delicious and beautiful salad tomato pomegranate salad heirloom (or other flavorful tomato) fresh chevre or fresh ricotta pomegranate seeds toasted and coarsely chopped […]